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MBA——Global Decentralized Currency Exchange Platform Leader

54 Comments |May 2023

With the in-depth integration and development of blockchain and finance, decentralized trading projects have become one of the hottest areas of decentralized finance. The exchange is an important place to realize the exchange of transactions between different assets. Traditional transactions adopt a centralized model, that is, both parties to the transaction conduct transactions at a specific exchange rate through a third-party trading platform, and the trading platform charges service fees. With the development of blockchain technology and the in-depth integration of financial innovation, decentralized transactions have gradually become a hot trend in decentralized finance (DeFi).

The MBA platform has technically broken through the traditional decentralized exchange model and has won the attention and recognition of many parties. The exchange on the MBA platform has strong operational advantages. Users add idle digital assets to the platform and participate in the cross-border exchange of MIMI currency global trade digital assets; the exchange demand is initiated by the Brahma joint organization, and the contractor undertakes the acceptance. At this time, the contractor needs to pay 10% performance bond, after the success of the undertaking, the supplier will start supplying, and after the supply is completed, the agency will pay the exchange difference to the contractor and the supplier's cross-chain exchange technology, coupled with the performance of the decentralized exchange, allowing users to represent Coin and fiat currency funds have full custody.


In the past two years, the demand for cross-chain transactions in the blockchain industry has been increasing. Integrate multiple security measures to prevent hacker attacks and malicious attacks. It supports tens of millions of TPS and can be expanded horizontally to ensure the stability and reliability of the system. Support multiple smart contract languages, users can choose to use the correct contract language according to their own needs. Therefore, MBA is very powerful in terms of technology, community consensus, and funding behind it. Such a platform whose strength cannot be underestimated has created a superior decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol and channel. It is undeniable that decentralized trading is the general trend. MBA closely follows the wave of web.3, conforms to the needs of the times, and creates the most powerful global decentralized currency exchange trading platform for the blockchain industry!

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MBA——Leader of Global Decentralized Currency Exchange Platform

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With the in-depth integration and development of blockchain and finance, decentralized trading projects have become one of the hottest areas of decentralized finance. An important place to realize the transaction exchange between assets, the transaction platform charges service fees, and the traditional transaction adopts a centralized model.