World's FirstDecentralized Digital Asset Exchange Platform

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The World's First Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange Platform

The combination of traditional foreign exchange and decentralized finance enriches the stablecoin ecosystem in encrypted digital asset transactions

Stable extra income

Users can not only use stablecoins anchored to fiat currencies for foreign exchange transactions, but also obtain additional income by providing liquidity for new stablecoin pools.

Strong R&D team

Peter Paterson, the former head of the Kine Protocol R&D team, and Raul Tate, the Uniswap blockchain architect, worked together to develop together

Utmost Meaningful Moment

Decentralized exchange service

Blockchain technology is used to realize simple foreign exchange transactions. With the help of stablecoins anchored to various legal currencies, users avoid the cumbersome process and many restrictions of traditional currency exchange.

High-performance MBA public chain

The MBA public chain adopts the DPoS consensus algorithm and the EOSIO technical solution to efficiently process a large number of transactions under the premise of ensuring security, and supports real-time confirmation and tens of millions of TPS.

One-stop blockchain solution

Including a full set of services including MBA public chain technology, MBA SDK, MBA application market, MBA blockchain data query, etc., to meet users' one-stop blockchain product and service needs.

Globalized financial products and services

The MBA ecology is open to the world, aiming to use technological power to break the barriers of national borders and geographical space, and to achieve smooth global financial circulation.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is DEFI

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. It is a financial system without a central authority. It is a permissionless and transparent financial ecosystem. DeFi allows you to borrow, save, invest, exchange and engage in other related financial services .

What is the relationship between stablecoins and fiat currencies?

Stable currency is a digital currency issued based on blockchain technology that anchors the value of legal tender. It maintains a basically stable exchange ratio with legal tender and has smaller circulation restrictions.

MBA Global Exchange Merchant Acceptance Operation Mechanism

At present, the world's major digital asset trades are initiated by platforms/forex merchants (brokers), suppliers only need to pay 10% of the performance bond, and wait for the platform/forex merchants (brokers) to complete the foreign exchange business (12 hours) within 5 hours If the settlement is unsuccessful, 10% of the performance bond will be refunded in the original way, and the principal and exchange rate difference will be returned to the account.

Will MBA tokens appreciate?

The total circulation of MBA coins is 1.99 million, but through the double destruction mechanism, it will be deflated to only 19,999. This deflationary model ensures the scarcity of MBA coins, making them more valuable in the market. The gap between the relatively scarce supply and the continuously increasing demand will further drive the price of MBA Coin.

Why MBA wants to implement decentralized foreign exchange trading?

Centralized foreign exchange transactions require cumbersome procedures, and there are many restrictions on the exchange between legal currencies of various countries. Decentralized stablecoins can simplify processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs while anchoring the price of legal tender.

How is the security of the MBA guaranteed?

MBA is a decentralized financial network running on the public chain. It adopts EOSIO technical solutions and integrates various security measures to prevent hacker attacks. It also has blockchain features such as traceability, high transparency, automatic execution, and tamper-proof. System security is evaluated and guaranteed by a third-party code audit agency.

Advantages of currency exchange on the MBA platform

Global Innovation Benefit

The World's First Decentralized Digital Asset Exchange Platform

No Approval Needed Instant Withdrawal Receive Withdrawal Instantly

Strong capital, convenient operation, fast arrival

Team leading in prestige technology

The world famous R & D team sits

Decentralized Account

Using advanced blockchain DeFi technology, a permissionless and transparent financial ecosystem

User evaluation

The MBA platform is really convenient, you can exchange currency, and you can make


Technology has changed life, and MBA's creativity has provided convenience for human beings all over the world.   

United States

Interesting creation, different experience, the biggesthighlight
is that you can make money.            

United Kingdom

I am very grateful to MBA, it has changed my lifestyle and habits, so that I no longer waste more time on currency exchange.


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